Modular Belt Conveyors 101

What is a modular belt conveyor?

The difference between a modular and a standard belt conveyor is in the name. Modular belt conveyors are made up of individual, interlocking belt segments, or modules. Manufacturers can connect these belt modules in a variety of ways to suit their needs. This means that modular belt conveyors are highly customisable and adaptable. Modules can even be re-configured and replaced when needed.


Other benefits of modular belt conveyors

The fact that modules can be connected in a variety of ways is a big advantage of modular belts. For example, shop floors with limited space can work around an unusual layout with modular belts. However, there are other benefits to modular belt conveyors, including:


Ease of Maintenance

Modular belt conveyors are designed to be easy to maintain. That's because individual modules can be repaired or replaced as and when it's needed. If a standard belt is damaged, you might need to replace the entire belt to get it back into working condition. Using a modular belt reduces potential downtime by compartmentalising its maintenance.



Further to their maintenance benefits, modules in modular belts can be removed and cleaned with ease. It's much simpler to remove and sanitise a module than to sanitise a continuous belt. Because of this, modular belt conveyors are very popular in the food and beverage industry.



Modular conveyor belts are designed to be strong and durable, able to withstand heavy loads and high speeds. For example, the support structure in a modular belt from Conveyor Lines is designed to maintain tension and efficiency under heavy weight over time.


Increased Accuracy

The individual modules in a modular belt conveyor allow for better tracking and accuracy than a standard belt can offer. At high speeds, each module will be more able to cope with the weight of each item. This also means the chances of damaged goods can be reduced by using modular belt conveyors.


Modular Belt Conveyors from Conveyor Lines

If you need a bespoke solution for your production line, then look no further than Conveyor Lines. We specialise in designing and installing belt conveyors for a multitude of industries. Whether you're in packaging, pharmaceuticals, or the food industry, we'll help you to decide if you need to incorporate a modular belt conveyor into your processes.

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