Food & Beverage

At Conveyor Lines, the food and beverage industry is in our roots, having been supplying conveyor belt systems to leading food production, packing and distribution companies since being founded in 1985.

Chilled and frozen foods, snack foods, fresh produce, confectionary; we understand the wide-ranging needs of the different markets within the food and beverage industry which is reflected in our large selection of conveyors, machinery and accessories. Thanks to our flexibility in design and fabrication, our products can be modified, shortened, extended or widened to accommodate even the most specific of challenges and highly regulated production processes.

Our stainless steel conveyor systems are designed and manufactured with hygiene demands in mind, making them easy to clean and maintain to ensure all health and safety requirements are met throughout your production process. Our conveyors are also suitable for use in temperature-controlled environments without negatively impacting performance or durability.

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