How Do Conveyor Belts Increase Productivity in the Packaging Industry?

Conveyor belts productivity versus manual labour

Using conveyor belts to transfer packages across a shop floor is guaranteed to increase productivity compared to manual handling or vehicle transport (i.e. forklifts). There are a number of factors that contribute to this:

  • Consistency. A conveyor belt is able to produce more consistent throughput than other forms of transportation. Since the speed of a conveyor belt remains more or less the same throughout the process, you’ll be able to more accurately predict and forecast revenue.
  • Accuracy. Modern conveyor belt systems can help with more than just the transportation of goods. They can be engineered and fabricated to drive items into specific packaging processes. This helps to account for packages of different sizes or requirements, like fragile goods.
  • Floor Space. Further to this, the scalability of modern conveyor belts mean that you can maximise your floor space usage to increase productivity in packaging. Being able to fit more machines and stations into your packaging process, and use conveyor belts to direct goods around obstacles, gives you a huge advantage.


Conveyor belts keep costs down and productivity up

More than anything, using conveyor belts means keeping costs as low as possible while maximising packaging productivity. Aspects like increased consistency, accuracy, and floor space usage will all contribute to leaner, more balanced books, allowing you to spend more on important aspects of the workplace like employee satisfaction, safety, branding, or scaling the size of your business up.

Speaking of employees, using conveyor belts means workplace injuries related to handling heavy loads will be kept to a minimum. This is an advantage that goes beyond just saving money on potential injuries. Increased automation in warehouse settings has been shown to increase employee satisfaction, according to Salesforce. This has an indirect but significant effect on productivity, as employees feel more valued in higher-skilled roles.


Conveyor Lines and the packaging industry

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