Belt Conveyors

Conveyor Lines, as a leading conveyor manufacturer in the UK, supply a wide range of belt conveyors. The simplest type of conveyor, a belt conveyor offers efficient transportation of any goods, with easy operation and access. We offer a range of belt conveyors, including flat belts, troughed belts, or wire belts, which allow the avoidance of products moving along the belt.

Conveyor Lines’ belt conveyors can be customised in a range of materials, however, the standard belt is a 2 ply PVC belt. A three-phase motorised drum operating at 415vac/50hz moves the belt at 10m per minute. The belt sits at 1100mm +/- 150mm thanks to the adjustment options on its locking castors.  These belts retain tension by making use of end roller blocks and are supported with a crossbar stability tie, allowing for consistent support and minimal damage when used continuously.

Each conveyor system can be made to order, following your exact specifications, providing you with a completely bespoke conveyor solution that is perfectly adapted and suited to your specific industry requirements and capacity needs. Our expert consultation service means that our turn-key conveyor systems are designed to increase productivity and efficiency at all stages of your operation.

For more information about our custom conveyor manufacturing capabilities, get in touch with the Conveyor Lines team at +44 (0)1604 762 672 or email us at [email protected].

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