Engineering & Fabrication

All of our conveyor systems are engineered and fabricated in-house, allowing us to be involved at every step, from the raw materials to the finished product, and have complete control over the manufacturing and production process.

We make use of the latest fabricating technologies including CNC punching and nitro laser cutting and folding in order to produce a consistently high standard of product. Our plant is regularly updated with state-of-the-art machinery so we can provide every customer with the best possible results for their business.

Since we were founded in 1985, we have always manufactured ‘our way’, using tried and tested methods tailored to our own capabilities and expertise. This allows us to keep our own costs low and offer our customers products that are great value for money while still being of superior quality.

To find out more about our engineering and fabrication capabilities or any of our other services, including installation and aftersales support, contact us or submit an enquiry form below.

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