Environmental Policy

We strive to achieve increased sustainability in our business practices and manufacturing processes, adhering to the latest environmental standards and regulations

We understand the importance of taking responsibility for our environmental impact and are constantly working to implement positive change throughout our manufacturing processes.

Where possible, we strive to reduce the negative environmental effects of our activities, both in-house and across our supply chain.

By continually reviewing the raw materials we use, and assessing where and how they have been sourced, we have created a more efficient supply chain to enable us to reduce waste and our environmental impact while still considering the suitability of each material for all customer requirements.

Within our own facility, we look to minimise energy wastage wherever we can while still maintaining an effective production line. We also ensure that all of our employees undergo training to ensure they are aware of potential environmental impact and are equipped with the necessary knowledge and solutions to mitigate this within their work.

We are always looking for new ways to increase the sustainability of our products and processes and will do so for years to come. For more information about our environmental policy and commitment to becoming eco-friendlier, contact us today.

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