Modular Belt Conveyors

A modular conveyor belt is suitable for numerous applications and guarantees smooth transportation.

They are ideal for transporting goods around bends and curves, and their modular nature means they can be easily adapted, extended, or replaced when required.

At Conveyor Lines, our range of modular belt conveyors support a 40mm box section, have adjustable bolt down feet, and are equipped with adjustable side rails on both sides to ensure security and reliability when in use. These conveyors run at a speed of 15m per minute, thanks to their shaft-mounted three-phase, 240-415v motor that operates at 50hz. All conveyors are fabricated using Stainless Steel grade 304 with a brush polish finish, meaning the conveyor sees little corrosion and remains a hygienic option. Conveyor Lines’ Modular Belt Conveyor runs with a self-sag, supported by a jack stud, meaning your belt will retain its tension over the course of its lifetime.

Each conveyor system can be made to order, following your exact specifications, providing you with a completely bespoke conveyor solution that is perfectly adapted and suited to your specific industry requirements and capacity needs. Our expert consultation service means that our turn-key conveyor systems are designed to increase productivity and efficiency at all stages of your operation.

For more information about our custom conveyor manufacturing capabilities, get in touch with the Conveyor Lines team at +44 (0)1604 762 672 or email us at [email protected].

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