As a leading conveyor manufacturer in the UK, Conveyor Lines supply a wide range of high-quality, hygienic conveyors, from simple belts to multi-lane converging conveyors. We offer horizontal and vertical movement solutions for manufacturing, packaging and distribution services in a number of different industries.

Belt Conveyors

Our range of simple belt conveyors includes flat belts, troughed belts and wire belts, and can be easily adapted to suit all manner of conveyor systems. 

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Modular Belt Conveyors

We supply elevator and inclined belts in a selection of angles, heights and pitches, as well as angled and curved belts for more versatile conveyor systems.

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Converging Conveyors

Our diverging and converging conveyors can be designed with any combination of lanes, helping to increase the productivity of all packaging and distribution operations.

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Roller Conveyors

Make product inspection and transfer easy and efficient with our selection of powered and gravity roller conveyors, available in hygienic stainless steel and plastic.

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Spiral Conveyors

We offer a range of uplift and downlift spiral conveyors in a variety of standard and bespoke heights and sizes, ideal for food cooling and packaging.

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