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How Are Conveyor Belts Useful in the Food and Beverage Industry?

In the food and beverage industry, conveyor belts are a crucial part of the manufacturing process. Conveyor belts allow food manufacturers to keep their production methods at maximum efficiency. Furthermore, belts keep the process hygienic by reducing contact between the food and your staff.

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How Do Conveyor Belts Increase Productivity in the Packaging Industry?

If there’s one thing the packaging industry relies on, it’s productivity. Now more than ever, consumers are using e-commerce to purchase goods. With each product purchased comes a parcel that needs to be packaged in a warehouse or distribution centre. Along with that, consumer expectations for quality service and a quick turnaround are on the rise. Conveyor belts are the fundamental component to getting parcels packed efficiently and keeping your overheads down.

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Modular Belt Conveyors 101

Belt conveyors are useful in any industry, but sometimes, you need a more flexible option. Modular belt conveyors are a great solution if you need to run a belt with lots of bends and curves. But how does a modular belt differ from a standard belt, and what benefits does it provide?

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